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Since April 2003 Zuvuya Mountain Sanctuary has been a hub for sustainable living, healing, earth centred celebrations and much more. We are committed to the vision of not only living in balance and harmony with nature but also to sharing and teaching the skills and practices necessary to achieve this. We run retreats and workshops, offer off-grid accommodation, nutritional consultations, plant based cooking classes, hold various ceremonies and Rites of passage and host seasonal gatherings. 


Invest in your wellbeing

We offer weekend and longer retreats at various times of the year with different themes. Our retreats include nature walks, energy medicine, yoga, sweat lodge ceremony, wild food foraging, cacao ceremony, meditation and more. ‘Vision Quest’  offers a deeper and more challenging experience to bring the Questor into balance and wholeness. Our Couples Retreats bring together a carefully curated flow of activities to foster a deep sense of connection and renewal. Get in touch to find out more or to book your spot.

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Introduction to Permaculture

Join one of our weekend or one day permaculture courses and learn how to design a greener and more sustainable future for you and your family! From compost making to companion planting and everything in-between! Join the organic food revolution today! Enquire below for dates and details of our next course!


Natural building

Join us for an educational and fun filled day course where we dive into the practicalities and techniques employed to make your own home, build a pizza oven or make a sod roof all using natural and local materials!

Rites of Passage

For thousands of years cultures and people around the world have marked momentous times through Ceremony and Rites.  As a society we have lost so many of our traditions and ways, sadly our rich heritage and culture has been replaced by rampant consumerism and a growing sense of disconnection. Our aim is to reconnect our community using sacred ceremony.  Working with the Sweat Lodge and other ceremonies we are empowered to face our fears, receive wisdom and counsel from our elders, step through the threshold and emerge into the light again, reborn and better equipped to face an ever changing world. Contact us below to find out more about how you or your teenager could benefit from this life changing experience.


We have ensuite rooms in the main house, a cottage, a caravan and luxury safari tents as accommodation options. There is also a lovely campsite with hot showers and a kitchen with a pizza oven. Please contact us via email or whatsapp for prices and to make a booking. Come and spend a weekend or more, build your own retreat by adding on some of our activities or experiences and really unwind!

Upcoming Retreats and Workshops

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Thank you for my soul medicine weekend. I've attended a few retreats and workshops but this was special, seamless synergy in a nurturing environment.

– Priya Moodley

An absolutely life changing experience

– Raymond Treweek

There is a stillness and a magic at Zuvuya that feeds the spirit and nourishes the soul

– Graham Lavender

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